Situational Irony In The Sniper

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The Scarlet Ibis The central problem in the story is the Narrator (the brother) not able to deal with Doodle’s disabilities. The narrator is motivated to teach Doodle to walk because he is embarrass that his brother can’t walk at the age of five. Doodle is brothers with the narrator and was born with a heart condition He died when he was six (before his seventh birthday) and was expected to die really young. In the beginning of the story, the seasons are personified because the summer was “dead” and autumn was “not yet born.” When the brothers race home, the narrator loses Doodle and then found him under a bush with blood bleeding from his mouth. After he realizes that his brother is dead; he then cover his brother’s body with his own body to…show more content…
The protagonist of The Sniper is the Sniper and he begins in Dublin on a rooftop near the O'Connell Bridge. The antagonist of The Sniper is the sniper’s brother because they are enemies but in the story the protagonist doesn’t know that it is his brother (until the end) and he believes that he is just trying to kill him. An example of situational irony is when the Sniper kills his brother. A situational irony is an irony involving a situation in which actions have an effect that is opposite from what was intended. The Republicans and Free Staters are enemies. The Sniper is on the Republican’s side and the Sniper’s brother is on the Free Stater’s side. It will be dangerous for the protagonist to smoke because it will blow his cover from the light from the lighter. The Sniper was unable to lift his rifle because his arm got shot and the bullet broke his bone in his arm. He knows that it lodged in the bone because the bullet didn’t go through the arm and there isn’t a hole in his arm. The Sniper made a strategic plan on how he was going down from the roof top. The quote is a type of metaphor because the pain in his arm feels like a thousand
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