Situational Leadership Theory In Asian Context

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1.6 Significance of Study This study will contribute to knowledge about the importance of leadership style and adaptability in the organization and it also support the Situational Leadership Theory in Asian context. With this knowledge, the organizations in Asian can recognize which demographic variable and leadership style can lead to effective leadership, especially in the service organization. Besides, they also can comprehend how the demographic variable affect the leadership style and the important role of adaptability in this complex and changing environment. Apart from that, this study also gives awareness to the leaders and the organizations’ department of management about the important role of adaptive leader in achieving goals and…show more content…
The leaders will know the ways to behave in order to sustain effective leadership. This can improve the competency of the organization as well as the leadership style applied are correct and appreciate. Besides, organization gain advantages when the competency improved. When the competency of the organizations improved, the performance and the efficiency of the organization increased.

1.7 Limitations of study
There are a lot of limitations in this study. Firstly, this study only involved 80 leaders who are chosen to participate in answering the questionnaire. This number of samples might not able to totally represent the whole population of the workforce. This is because this number is too small compared to the actual population and it limited the power of outcome.
Furthermore, this study is limited to the middle level leaders in the service organization which located in Penang. The data collected at the only one organization. Therefore, it cannot generalize to another area of the industry.
Other than that, this study had predefined the leadership style through the instrument using. There is only certain leadership styles are measured in this study. This cause the findings do not include other leadership styles that are personally
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(2015) mentioned that demographic variable is the personal description that represent a person.
Operational: In this study, demographic variable is the factor that determined the personal characteristics which included gender, education level and the workplace experiences.

1.8.2 Delegating style
Conceptual: Daft (2011) stated that the delegating style is the style performed by the leader, which the leader only provided little support and direction to the followers. The decision making depends on the followers at all.
Operational: In this study, delegating style is the leader’s behaviour which the leader gives authority to their followers to make decisions on completing the task.

1.8.3 Leader
Conceptual: According to Robbins and Coulter (2014), leader is the one who has the authority and the ability to inspire others.
Operational: The leader in this study is the person who is leading a team or a group to accomplish the task given in middle level of the organization.

1.8.4 Leadership style
Conceptual: As mentioned by Bateman and Snell (2004), leadership style is the pattern of the leaders’ behaviour to influence their followers in order to attain the

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