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d. Critically analyze and evaluate the different theories and approaches to leadership in given context. Giant Hypermarket use situational leadership • Situational leadership is a leadership style that defines a leader can adjust his or her style to fit or suit to the situation they are trying to affect. The person need to able adapt to their circumstances. • Situational leadership are benefit to organization which are encourages leaders to flexible choose the style that fits their goals and objectives. Situational leadership is not due to the leaders’ specific skills, but is the leader change their skills and ability to what benefits the followers or team members. • In many different of situations, one leader can be effective. The leaders…show more content…
Hence, the leadership style could benefit from overlooking important long-term objectives of the organization instead of relying too much on short-term strategy. Question 3 a) Explain the key approaches to operations management and the role that leaders and managers play. Figurehead The important roles of a leader are to be a figurehead in the group. This is one of the interpersonal roles. For example, a good leader will present his or her confidence so that the group members can feels a sense of security and reassurance, thus done the job well. Leader Another interpersonal role is leader. A manager have to lead the person or employee which is he or she is in charge of leading them toward a specific goals. For instance, a manager can tell them what to do and when to do it, organizing the structure of team members to highlight specialization skills that each own, and give rewards to them when the job is done well. Disseminator It does not have any benefit as a manager to collect the information from a variety of internal and external resources if you are only going to keep it for yourself. The aim of gathering information is because your team can get benefit from it directly, thus the next informational role is dissemination by getting information out quickly and effectively to the rest of your…show more content…
As a leader or manager, you have to like an entrepreneur in terms of quickly solve problems, thinking outside the box and innovative ideas that could motivate your team forward and more. For example, b) Explain the importance and value of operations management in achieving business objectives. Planning -Planning is to setting what is the goals of an organization and decide how to achieve them in best way. The plan is contribute to retain managerial effectiveness as it can work as a guide to the personnel for the future activities or planning. The planning involves of selecting goals as well as the paths to achieve them. -Planning requires decision-making or choosing future courses of action from among alternatives and it involves selecting missions and objectives and the actions to achieve them. -Planning is determine what the organization’s position and situation should be at some time in the future and decides how the best way to realize about that situation. -For a manager, planning and decision-making request a capability to expect, to visualize and to look ahead purposefully.

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