Situational Values In The Crucible

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The debate of whether situational values and sustainable values should coexist, or situational values should be eradicated and values should always be sustained, is one that is equally defendable on both sides. In my opinion, these two are both of great importance in our daily lives and often exist without our knowledge. A sustainable value is a virtue that should be followed at all times, no matter the situation. On the contrary, a situational value varies depending on each situation and variable that may sway an opinion. In The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller in the 1950’s, the duality of sustainable and situational values is commonly shown through numerous characters’ values and contradictory actions. In the play depicting the…show more content…
A primary example is Reverend Parris. He acts as the embodiment of greed in the play, as he only values wealth and gaining power. This, however, does not sustain throughout the entire plot, which is shown when his attitude changes when important members of Salem’s community were questioned for witchcraft. His values of greed and power are changed, due to the situation and consequences that come along with it. His situation value of greed shows a positive change in his character development as the play progressed. Another example of situational values making a change for the better is through Revered John Hale and his regret in his initial decisions. He comes to Salem as a partisan of Christianity and sets the hysteria in motion; starting to question all of the residents and their ways of life. He serves as the catalyst of the conflicts surrounding witchcraft in Salem, however his values change as his trepidation grows. Hale enters Salem with confidence in his expertise in witchcraft to examine Betty, Reverend Parris’s daughter. As time passed and the calumny of the girls became of a grand scale, Reverend Hale was one of the few who were able to save themselves from falling victim to the spread of the madness. He was then able to witness the result of his actions and made an attempt to save those sentenced to die of what he had set into motion. His value and commitment to Puritanism
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