Sitz Bath Advantages

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The sitz bath is a conventional remedy commonly recommended for the non-surgical treatment of anal diseases or postoperative management of perineal wounds after anal
Surgery1. Warm sitz baths are reported to be helpful in relieving anal discomfort, and they are effective for reducing spasm by relaxing the anal sphincter and promoting tissue healing by increasing the blood flow2.
It can relieve anal pain from an anal fissure or hemorrhoids, and it is usually recommended after an operation for perianal abscess or fistula3. Most physicians, including colon and rectal surgeons, recommend warm sitz baths to relieve pain in the perineal region and to promote wound healing, even though there is no rational explanation for this maneuver4.

Pain relief
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His recipes also used salt. He emphasized the presence of iodine and iron in coastal sea salt.
It was not until spa therapy gained popularity in the 19th century that its healing powers gradually began to be investigated scientifically9.

The antiseptic and bactericidal qualities of dental salt (sea salt) help remove plaque which is a cause of gingivitis and caries. Salt is being increasingly used as support treatment for skin diseases. Chronically inflamed skin is treated with medical bath salt from the Dead Sea or table salt. The salt peels off dandruff, reduces inflammation, itching and pain, and helps regenerate the skin. Salt-baths are frequently used to treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, chronic eczema as well as
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Its treatment has long been discussed and several different therapeutic options have been proposed. In the last decades, the understanding of its pathophysiology has led to a progressive reduction of invasive and potentially invalidating treatments in favor of conservative treatment based on anal sphincter muscle relaxation. Nonresponding patients should undergo lateral internal sphincterotomy. The risk of incontinence after this procedure seems to have been overemphasized in the past. Only a carefully selected group of patients, without anal hypertonia, could benefit from

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