Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham

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Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham The Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham is an amazing place for learning Yoga and Spiritualism on the Sea Cliff of Varkala beach in Trivandrum. This Yoga schools is established in 2010 and is conducting various certified professional courses in Yoga, which is an ancient art form practiced in the Indian sub continent for general wellness of our body and mind. This Vidhya Peetham has trained many foreign and domestic Yoga aspirants and who came here as health tourist from abroad to get a Kerala Massage and Ayurveda wellness from Kerala. This Yoga center has vast Yogi’s who are the experts in Yoga. They were professional and dedicate their life for the teaching of Yoga as an art of living. This school is also having an ambient…show more content…
The Yoga tutors are professional who shapes you to become a teacher with their proper guidance and observation. They will assist you in the entire course of time and are very kind and teach in English language. Yoga Teacher Training Courses level I (YTTC-I) Prerequisite: For YTTC Level I and II, any person who wish to learn this art can join here, it doesn’t mean to become a Yoga teacher alone must undergo YTTC but it is also for one’s interest in Yoga to learn it for do it yourself. This certification may be useful in future who is not taking this course as professional. Since, it is valid all over the world. Course Duration: This is 4 Weeks or One Month where a 200 Hours minimum time has to be undergone by every students to get certified on successful YTTCI-I completion. Certification: 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Course of…show more content…
It is a Sea Cliff Beach of Kerala Cost having the largest and highest cliff alongside the Varkala Sea Beach. In Kerala this is otherwise called as the Papanasam Kadal Kara in Malayalam Language .i.e. Papanasam Beach. It is an international tourist destination and also a great place for sea sports. All of its cliffs are filled with scenic resorts looking towards the Sea. It also has many vendors selling fast foods, cool drinks and snacks along its Sea beaches. The Sun set view from its cliff and from the beaches is amazing to see. It does have palm grooves everywhere adding life to the word Kerala which means Land of Palm Grooves in Sanskrit. The Western Ghats sloping towards the west sides of Kerala coastal areas , the Arabian Sea Cost and its palm grooves in the monsoon rains make it gods own country to live in once in a life time. Learning the ancient art of living along with the Sea Cliffs and on Varkala beaches will be an unforgettable

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