Six Aims Of Quality Patient Care Essay

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The Importance of the Six Aims of Quality Patient Care (STEEEP) Since the addition of Crossing the Quality Chasm six aims of quality patient care was created by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), there has been a significant change in the effectiveness and condition of patient care. Before this report came out in 2001, health care providers did not realize that they were not providing proper care to patients in addition to disorganization and complexity of standards of care. The IOM was able to determine that, “failure of system processes, poor communication, and unhealthy work environments contribute to medical errors, ineffective delivery of care, and stress among health professionals” (Winterbottom 2012). It is essential for patients to feel…show more content…
A clinical example where the nurse would be able to exemplify safe and effective care would be teaching a patient about Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) pumps. In this situation the nurse must teach the patient about they are the only ones who are allowed to control the pump based on their level of pain and need for medication. The PCA pump is intended to provide fast acting relief for patients who need consistent pain medication. If the nurse does not stress the importance of the patient being the only person allowed to release the analgesic, family members could feel obligated to help control the medication administration. This could lead to an unnecessary need for pain medication that can decrease the patients respiratory drive if given too much and is also unethical. Although it may seem easier to the family to push the analgesia for the patient, they must be reminded that the patient is the only one who can truly determine the type and feeling of pain they are experiencing and then have the authority to decide if they need additional medication or
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