Sister Helen Prejean In The Film 'Dead Man Walking'

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Using 3 of the Six Aspects of the Human Person, describe how Sister Helen Prejean employed these in the movie. How did these affect her in the process of becoming a moral agent? The movie “Dead Man Walking” shows many examples of what we have been learning in our religion class, one of those things being The Six Aspects of the human person, Sister Helen Prejean employed all of these in the movie. Three of the most evident that I would say were shown by her throughout the movie would be, The Importance of Others, The Importance of Developing one’s Conscience as well as The Importance of having Direction in Life. Sister Helen constantly puts the importance of Matthew Poncelete and his loved one’s first throughout the movie. When he calls her from jail to ask for her help to convince others that he is innocent the first thing she does is go to visit him in jail. He only has a matter of time before he is to be executed for the assault and murder of two young adults. Overtime they form a close bond that nothing,…show more content…
They all positively affected her in the process of becoming a moral agent. The Importance of others helped her to continue to be there for Matthew and his family even when members of the Christian community wanted to turn their backs on her, because she felt is was the right thing to do. The Importance of Developing one’s conscience encouraged her to guide Matthew into making the right choice in the end by taking responsibility for his actions. Lastly, The Importance of having Direction in life helped her to not give up on Matthew and in the end although he still had to face the death penalty, he died free from his sins, and Sister Helen knew she did everything she could to help. In conclusion without the aspects of the human person being a part of this movie, it would not have all played out as well as it
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