Six Characteristics Of Golemen's Six Styles Of Leadership

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Golemen (2002) lists six styles of leadership and have concluded that leaders switch from one style to the other depending on the situation. The ability to choose the right style depends to how emotional the leader is. A leader needs to be aware of his surroundings and of the person infront of him. According to Golemen (2002) he or she needs to be aware of the emotions at that time and adapt the leadership style accordingly.
But which style is best for which situation? This is an answer that a good leader needs to know and incorporate in his character.
Reading through the 6 models presented by Golemen (2002), the author realizes that they all fit well with Dr Soler as a leader but also with the situations he is faced with everyday in his work.
Dr Soler needs to be a coercive leader in certain situations. Apart from being the chairman of the department of paediatrics Dr Soler is also a neonatologists. He deals with very sick and weak babies, where sometimes fast decisive actions need to be taken. This is when Dr Soler shows that he is a Coercieve leader where he leads and directs his team to be able to save the life of these babies. There is no room for discussions in situations like this just pure leadership showing decisiveness, responsibility, maturity, a high level of education and aware of his surroundings. In moments like this although being a coercive leader he gains the most respect from his peers.
Dr Soler needed to be an authoritative leader and he did it with great
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