Six Drinks History

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Beer, Wine, Spirits, Tea, Coffee, and Cola are six drinks which have changed the world, according to Tom Standage. All of these drinks have something in common, that one thing is water. Water can be found in a bottle, river, lake, ocean, fountains, etc. Water is the most important drink/liquid in the world. With the help of water, drinks have been made or discovered. These discoveries helped make money, create jobs for people, and also changed how people live. So in my opinion, I think that these drinks have changed the world, both in similar ways and different ways. In the book “A History of the World in Six Glasses”, Standage mentions beer first. Beer was discovered, not invented. Its discovery was found once wild grains were gathered…show more content…
The Chinese used tea has a medicine, similar to spirits. When tea was popular for being known as a medicine, it spread across Europe and Asia. India became very involved with the tea industry, which allowed many people to get jobs. Another thing tea caused was the rise and fall of the British Empire. When the British controlled America, the British put “Tea Acts” on Americans, which led to the Boston Tea Party. So, tea has been controversial and also helpful to America and the world. Cola is the last drink that Standage mentions in the book. Cola ranges from Coke to Pepsi, in which both had a huge impact on the world. Both soft drinks became world-wide, in which that created revenue and factories and made jobs available. Going back when coke was first made, it was used as a medicine, somewhat like tea. Soda later on became as a devilish drink because of all the caffeine in it. Standage claims that Cola shaped America, I would agree with that because the drink increased revenue and partaken in many events/ideas that shaped America. All six drinks have changed the world in different eras, different places, and changed people. Like I said in the beginning, none of these six drinks would have been made possible if water wasn’t here. Matter of fact, none of us would be here today without water. To summarize, those drinks have changed the world, but water is essential for a
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