Six Flags Narrative

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YAAA! I heard in my house from my brother downstairs so I rushed down stairs to see why he yelled and this happened. My mom told me where going to Six Flags. I got so excited I hurried upstairs, put on my swimming shorts and my sunscreen. On the way we got juicy tacos. As we were driving to Six Flags we saw lots of people gathered around and really caught my eye. So we went to see and it was an amazing dancer that was all in gold. He reminded me of The Cat In The Hat because he had an extremely long black hat. After we left the gold dancer, we were still on our way. After about one hour, I felt the heat rapidly through my body, like I just ate 1,000 Takis. It took about 1-2 hours, and I was so excited to get on all the rides and water rides
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