Trip To Six Flags Essay

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Kyle Kling
14 October 2014
English 100-24
Professor Hall
Academics to Six Flags Commitment and hard work can pay off for you in school in many ways. Those two things for me brought me to Six Flags Great America for a class field trip. In order for the students to go on the field trip they had to earn a 3.0 GPA or better. For me, this was really hard to accomplish because I was only an average student back then. As time went on in school, I realized if you put your mind to something you can accomplish it. Earning the 3.2 GPA that took me to Six Flags was a goal that I had achieved. Going to Six Flags was an awesome trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. The spring of my 8th grade year at Harlem Middle School, I found out the guidelines
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We were all assigned in groups with our specific teachers. The teacher that I got was Mrs. Phillips which was no surprise to me because I already knew that she was requesting me to be in her group. We all got onto the bus with our assigned teachers. This is when I started realizing that this was my last day of being in eighth grade; the next year I would be in high school. This field trip was a way of celebrating that we all achieved a good academic year at school. I really like that my school rewarded us for doing well in our classes, but they did it at the end of the year for a grand finally of the school year. I believe at the end of that year was when I started being a good student. I found out how important it was to get good grades. As soon as everybody was on the bus we started our trip to Six…show more content…
In high school and college I am starting to realize that teachers don’t give specific rewards for getting good grades. But I have learned that we are paving the way for us to get a better future and that is the best award of them all. Being a student athlete I believe that I am receiving more than regular students because you learn so many life lessons in sports. I believe that the field trip that I went on is what made me start to apply myself better in school. I received the about $4,000 in academic scholarships for attending UW Parkside. I would have never thought this would have been possible when I was in eighth grade. I know that my future in school and my future work job is only going to get stronger with all og the hard work and dedication I am putting into to it right
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