Six Flags Short Story

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This story is about a tall man who has tattoos on his right arm and back, who is skinny with black hair. He is very respectful and gets along with everyone. Also, he is very nice. He can make his own powers and has a sword on his back of his costume who has money to go to Six Flags at first, but then something happens to his friend and wastes the money on him, but at the same time helps his friend out by using his powers he made at his lab.
On a Monday morning in Los Angeles, California on Planet Earthy at 9:45am, a man name Flasher woke up in the morning. He is 24 years old and lives by himself. He went downstairs and ate breakfast. He ate an egg,bacon, and cheese sandwich. As he ate, he was watching tv and seen a show call “super guy.” He
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The lady then checks the computer and responded by saying “yes sir, he is in room B12, 2nd floor.” Flasher then takes the elevator to go upstairs and visits his friend. He goes inside the room and talks with his friend. Minutes pass by and Flasher realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to go to Six Flags now because his friend Aaron needs help getting out and needs money. As Aaron is getting medical treatment, Flasher then goes and asks the doctor what happened to him. The doctor responded, “apparently he got hit by a flying vehicle from outer space.” Flasher then goes home and makes his own powers by going to his lab and going to his capsule. Minutes passed by and he got out of his capsule and went to the hospital. When he got to the hospital, he went to the room, and told his friend about the powers he got. Aaron didn’t believe him at first until he told him about what he did to get his powers. Flasher then took off his clothes and put his costume on. As he was taking his clothes off, Aaron asked him,”why are you doing this in front of…show more content…
2 seconds later, Flasher then comes and goes to the crash. When he got to the crash, he then sees that there was a bomb inside the spaceship. The bomb had a timer until it exploded. Flasher told everyone to evacuate immediately. So every started running away towards the exit except for the people who couldn’t get out of the roller coaster. While every person that wasn’t on the ride were running towards the exit, Flasher quickly put on his costume and went near the spaceship. When he was near the spaceship, he stopped and took a deep breath because he didn’t want to make a mistake. The bomb was beeping. He had 2 minutes and 45 seconds left until it exploded. Flasher then shot a big frozen sphere out of his hand around the bomb so the bomb can stop beeping and for the time to stop. He went to the roller coaster and got the people out one by one. As he got the people out, the people went to the exit. While Flasher fixed the spaceship and deactivated the bomb, he then went to the exit happy. The people were waiting for him outside Six Flags. As he opened the exit door, he seen a big crowd of people yelling his name and congratulating him for what he did. Flasher seemed extremely happy for saving the people. His friend Aaron was so happy as well. They both went back home safely and happy. A year later had gone by and the “Superman” ride was ready and fixed. To this day on, everyone thanks Flasher for saving the

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