Six-Sigm Improving Quality In Casting Industry

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Now a day’s quality is mandatory in each and every field whether it is any fabrication industry, casting industry, manufacturing industry, food industry etc. quality is hot favorite issue in recent aeon. Quality assurance, quality enhancement, quality maintenance is now very important mensuration the world is working on. Now a day in recent few years lots of research have been done on improvement and maintenance of good quality. There are various tools obtain to improve quality through researches done in last few years six-sigma is one of the most used and trusted tool used to improve quality. Six-sigma is approved to be the best tool among all those that can be applied. Through six-sigma one can get the best quality results.
Here we have
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Six-sigma is a management technique developed by motorola in 1986.

Six-sigma is purely scientific method use for process improvement and this method is known as DMAIC.
Main focus is on quality improvement and reduction of waste and defects. It targets to bring down the error rate to 3.4 Errors per million opportunities.
Resulting in Better, Faster, Cost-effective products of services.
1.2.1 What is six-sigma?
Six-sigma is rigorous, Focused, Highly effective implementation of proven principle and technique which aims at virtually error free business performance.
Note: six-sigma target is bring down the errors as low as possible nearly up to 3.4 errors Parts per Million.
It is done using DMAIC Technique.
Six sigma is a tool that helps to improve quality in any field of manufacturing industry. Six sigma is a calculative analysis which uses statistical calculations to get certain results. Through Six sigma good quality management/improvement can be carried out. There are various tools within six sigma, using those tools we can apply six sigma in any field to improve its present
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Here the project team members have key role to measure every aspect of the product they are going to produce. They are required to search the root cause for the problems that are defined. A-ANALYZE
Here the project team members are required to imply statistical and Calculative methods for as Analysis to make out root cause of problems those arise. I-IMPROVE
Ample amount of solutions should be come out from the minds of Team members. The main goal of the improvement area is to eliminate the root cause through standard solutions and imply better process to get better results. C-CONTROL
After Improvement has been done. Then comes main task to maintain that changes as per standards. To maintain that can’t be done without control. So control is a very important part that should be taken into consideration.
1.3: Tools used in six-sigma
There are various tools used in six sigma calculations
• Check sheet.
• Cause and effect diagram
• Control chart.
• Histogram.
• Pareto chart.
• Scatter diagram.
• Stratification.
• Process flow chart.
• QC Story methodology.
• Pele tool
• 5 whys Principle
• 5S Principle
• Statistical process control
• Failure mode analysis

-We will try to use ample tools to justify our project

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