Six Sigma Frameworks: A Case Study

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1.0 Introduction This assignment is written with the purpose of an in-depth research on the challenges that are faced by managers in managing quality and performance at the workplace. The topic will focus on the use of quality and performance management as a means to improve the outcomes and quality of a firm in the market place. 2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Quality According to Merriam Webster dictionary, quality is defined as a characteristic or feature that a person or a thing has. The characteristic may be noticed as a high level of value or excellence. In terms of business, McMahon (2012) described quality control as a process that firms look for to guarantee that product quality is improved and manufacturing mistakes are reduced. 2.2…show more content…
As stated by (Chakravorty, 2010), Six Sigma application is used on all phases of the production process, it may cause rigidness due to the red tape involve that will then create delays and suppress creativity. Additionally, the company may rant into an issue of focusing too much on their customer, whereby the appropriate quality control measures were not implemented because the Siz Sigma frameworks focuses too much on customer…show more content…
Kaplan and David P. Norton back in 1996. This framework is a management system that allows business managers to set, track and achieve its objectives and key business strategies. According to (Rouse, 2010), the balance scorecard enables managers to view the whole business based on four important perspectives that can be divided into customer perspective, financial perspective, internal perspective and innovation perspective. Philips Electronics is one of the thousands of companies who has implemented balanced scorecard to execute their strategies. According to (Hudson, 2004), Scorecard was used by the Philips management as a pointer to promote continuous improvement worldwide. The company has realized the success factor of implementing a scorecard framework as it helps their employees to evaluate the situation and improve upon it in. There are a few disadvantages to using balance scorecard to define business goals. Many companies admit that scorecards method is costly and time consuming. Correct use of the tool requires a thorough understanding of the process and, unless someone in the organization has experience with it, may involve the use of an outside consultant to help with the process. Balanced Scorecard is only a conceptual model and it is very difficult to elaborate this based on the methodology provided by Kaplan and Norton without previous thorough practical

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