Define Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership is less about you and more about the needs of the people you lead. Today, leadership is everyone’s business. All of us play the role of being a leader in many ways. Webster's Dictionary defines leadership as "the power or ability to lead other people," but in today’s scenario, for most people, there's a lot more to it than just that. There are several ways of explaining or defining leadership. Each of it is unique in its own way. That is because everyone has their own idea of what leadership is. Some define leadership as guiding others to complete their tasks, while some say it is motivating team members to be their best selves. While there are different ways of defining it, the general base remains the same: Leaders are people…show more content…
Visionary: This style is adopted when the organisation or team needs a new direction. The goal of this style is to help people move towards new goals and aspirations. Here, team members explore new areas, innovate, experiment and take calculated risks.
2. Coaching: This is a one-on-one style in which leaders work with their team members to develop them, provide feedback, help them to connect their goals with that of the organisation. It works best in situations where people take initiatives and seek professional development.
3. Affiliative: This style emphasizes team work, creates harmony and connects people to each other. Daniel Goleman observes that this style is particularly useful when the leader wants to improve team harmony, increase moral and motivation, enhance communication and repair broken trust.
4. Democratic: In this style, people’s knowledge and skills are pooled and commitment is created towards achieving goals. Collective wisdom of the group is used and when the organisation needs group work in direction towards its goals.
5. Pacesetting: Here, the standard of work is very high. The leader sets superior expectations and is obsessive about doing things faster and better. Though it can take a beat on the morale of the employee, this style brings out highest standard of
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