Six Tactics Of Relationship Abuse

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There are six types of tactics that abusers use to gain more power of their partner. Dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial, and blame. Dominance is the need for the abuser to feel in charge of you and the relationship. They will always tell you what to do and what to think. Treating you like his or her servant and expect you will obey without asking any questions. Humiliation is when the abuser will tell you anything to make you feel bad and unwanted. That way when you feel unwanted you won’t leave his side because they think that is the only person that really wants to be by your side. Isolation would be when they stop you from being able to leave the house. In most cases they won’t allow you to even see your friends and family. Sometimes they won’t even let you go to work or school. If you do go out, you will have to ask for permission on who to see or where you are going. The most common thing that an abuser will use is threats! They will threaten their partner to scare them so they won’t leave their side. Threatening to kill you or your children or even family members.…show more content…
They will give you threatening looks or gestures. Breaking or smashing things right in front of you to make you scared of them. Destroying your property or even hurting your pets. Pulling out guns or knifes and putting them to where you can see them. Making it very clear that if you don’t obey them they well hurt you with violence. Lastly, there is denial and blame. Abusers will make any excuse for their bad and violent behavior. They will blame it on having a bad day or a childhood experience. But at the end of the day you will be blamed for everything they do. They will deny everything they have done if they need
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