Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coercive Leadership

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Kingdom of Bahrain University of Bahrain College of Business Administration Engl 341 – Report Done by: Hussain jassim momhammed 20113950 Mohammed Yousif Saleh 20102912 Muath Mohammed Janahi 20104604 Contents Summary 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 6 Procedures 7 Findings 8 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 11 Summary ‎This given project represents the whole identification of one of the 6 types of leadership, which is Coercive leadership. Coercive leadership is considered to be the most aggressive and brutal type of the other leadership styles. It is the demanding of actions that often involves harassing at the work place and abusive behavior. If the boss is not pleased then nobody will be. which it will be covered later on…show more content…
Managers need to be very cautious in following this type of leadership, because coercive leadership comes down with a large amount of disadvantages. Coercive leadership is a type of leadership that depends on abusing and harassing employees. It uses complete power and authority in commanding orders and it can be described as a very cruel style of leadership. Looking though all the styles of leaderships, coercive leadership has the most disadvantages of all. Some of these disadvantages may include these things. It can be extremely inflexible, its very hard to negotiate or reach to an agreement with the boss because once a coercive leader sets his mind on something it cannot be changed, even if it was wrong. It also doesn’t provide the employees with rewards or any source of encouragement, just regarding the aspects of the following orders. Another thing that coercive leadership does to employees is that their productivity may be effected in a negative way ,as employees may find this type very unbearable. Employees may be forced to quit or leave their jobs in pursuit for another comfortable and less demanding jobs. And last it can result the employees not to be loyal or being afraid to confront their bosses and it may lead them to lie or cheat to get the job down in order to avoid the…show more content…
It was defined by Daniel Goleman “While managers understand the need to adapt different styles to changing conditions, the coercive style is one that should be uses with caution". He also uses the following phrase to summarize the style of coercive leaders: “Do as I say ". The style is most effective when an organization or group is faced with a crisis. This can range from dealing with ineffective employees to a complete turnaround for a company or group. Examples of the uses of coercive leadership style when it to the safety of the employee and the safety of the company, so the manager should force the employee for a specific action and it can end with good
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