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Analyzing of the front page of newspaper

Size of the front page of newspaper:
For the analyzing of front page of the newspaper I have taken a front page broadsheet newspaper from “Nayi Baat”. Let us first talk about the size of this newspaper. This is comparatively larger in size than the other forms of newspapers such as tabloid or newsletter size of newspapers. It is a wide one that contains a lot news in just one page. It has a different style of writing and aim to attract different readers.

Flag of newspaper:
The first thing to notice on the first page of the newspaper is its “Flag” which is the name or logo of the newspaper. It covers the top section of a newspaper as you can see in the sample broadsheet newspaper where its name “Daily
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This newspaper contains large, bold headlines as well as leads (highlighted as being of most interest to the most readers) and secondary leads (still an important story, but less than the lead).
Example of headline from a sample newspaper is “Tehreek e insaf Ka Islamabad Kay 9 Rastay Band Karnay Ka Faisla”. It is the biggest headline in size written in the newspaper. Beneath this headline, the line is called lead and under the lead there is a sub lead of the news. Just like this there are number of headlines of each article in the sample actually helps the reader to just have a quick review of the news article. In this way the reader do not have to read the whole story if he is running out of time.

News articles and jump news:
So after headlines there are news articles. In the broadsheet newspaper, the articles are comparatively longer and more detailed. Some short articles are also present in it but mostly are detailed on which there is an option to jump on the other page to continue reading the remaining article from another page, as you can see written in the sample newspaper “Safa Number 6 par Bakia 1” this is called
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