Sizeism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Essay Not many people know what sizeism is or have never even heard of it, but it is a ginormous problem in the world today. Sizeism is present in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The Creature could have prevented the discrimination by not killing Frankenstein's brother and his wife. Unfortunately, sizeism is still present today all over the world.. However, hashtagging could thwart sizeism by raising awareness of the situation. It is critical that this issue be discussed because it harms people emotionally and make it harder for people to get a job. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster is discriminated against for being ‘ugly’ and he is scaring people, in short, sizeism. Sizeism is wrong because the person someone is discriminating against for their looks could be the sweetest most loving person in the world, and because of their judging, that person is ruined. For example, in the book, when Frankenstein first creates the monster, he is terrified and believes that it, the creature, is going to kill or hurt him (Shelley, 35, 25). This shows that there is discrimination from the very beginning because the fact that Frankenstein was startled by the creature he didn't try to understand it. Also, when the creature is living next to the Di Lacey’s cottage he speaks to the blind old…show more content…
People may even do it without realizing it. “Over the past few decades, sizeism in the workplace has increased by 66 percent and it affects women more than men.” Based off this information one could see that people are judging others and costing others jobs because of their weight. “Sizeism/Weightism is the 4th most prevalent form of discrimination in our society.” This information shows just how big of a problem sizeism is in our society today. These reasons show that sizeism is still happening in today's society because people are saying and judging people based on their
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