Sizuku Movie Analysis Essay

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Sizuku Analysis
Sizuku is the main character of this film, who is fourteen years old and in third grade of junior high school. Because she has a bright personality, she has many friends and a deep trust with them. On the other hand, she is lazy as she doesn 't do the things she 's asked by her parent as soon as possible. And in this movie, she has to take the lunch box to her father, but she leaves it the shop which she drops in on the way to her father. She is also a careless person. As she 's always reading books even though she has the entrance exam for the high school, she can 't bear to go without reading books. She is full of emotion, and we can see many scenes of her crying in this movie. I 'm going to write this analysis by comparing the scenes where she is crying.
The first scene of her tears is when she is reading a book while eating a snack and without doing the house works she 's been asked to do by her mother. She might empathize with
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The creater of this moie is Kondo Yoshihumi and it was piblidhed in 15, 7, 1995.
The theme of this movie is to find our own favourite way through life. Another theme is to find our own gemstone and polish it by taking a long time.
In the early part of this film, Shizuku, the main character of this, didn’t have any particular goal for the future and was even feeling the anxious about this. But through the encounter with Seiji, she started changing. They had even read the same books so far, but he had the goal to be a violin craftsman and had already decided to go to Italy. She also noticed her condition of being ordinary by herself. She was thinking what she could do her best with and decided to write her own story. She couldn’t complete it perfectly but she was satisfied with that because she could make use of her favourite

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