Sizzler Satire

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As a kid I remember there used to be this unintentionally funny commercial that to do this day perplexes me. The commercial began with a montage of a happy family, baseball, cowboys on the range, military men and women, construction workers and various other images of "America". Everyone had a huge grin, and life couldn 't get any better than what you saw in this commercial. The funny thing about this clichéd filled 90 's commercial was that, for all its imagery, it was supposed to be for a once popular chain of buffet restaurants called Sizzler. Even the theme song was about how because "Sizzler is the choice of America", Sizzler is the place that "brings the choices". After the display of American life and picturesque scenes, the…show more content…
You may struggle with preferring singing more than you do the lesson being preached on Sunday morning. There are also some people who view the entire service as pointless but are there just so they can take the Lord’s Supper. Maybe there are some who even neglect personal prayer and singing to God, only seeing those as things that are done when we assemble. This stems from a wrong view on Christianity. This concept of having a buffet style (take what you want, leave the rest) Christianity is not something new. But how many of us struggle with it and don’t realize it? Sometimes, we go through the bible or we attend service, and pick and choose what exactly we desire. If the apostle Paul wasn’t afraid to proclaim the “whole counsel of God...”(Acts 20:27), then does that mean we are only expected to observe some of it and some of the time? Peter in 2 Peter 1:3 informs us as Christians we have been given by God “All things pertaining to life and godliness.” There’s nothing that God has instructed his Body, his bride, the Church, that is okay to not apply to your life. What are the things in Christianity that you often put secondary or feel doesn’t apply to you? If you’re a buffet style Christian, you can choose to follow Christ and his entire Word and instruction. Don’t pick and choose what you like or feel that Christianity should contain. You’ll miss amazing things and aspects of life that’ll guide you to
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