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Skateboarding has been on this planet since the 1950’s and was considered more of a men’s sport. This statement is false though, anyone can skateboard if they put their mind to it. The question is, around what time frame did women start to stand up for their right to skateboard?
And what actions are they taking today? Seven articles I have found provided examples of women standing up for themselves, show facts and statistics. From women starting a movement, to women having profound unfairness in the sport. These women are standing up for themselves no matter of how they are treated by society. Overall, women are making a difference in the skateboarding culture and their actions are profound.
In three of the seven articles, I have found a certain women circle around this group “Skirtboarders” that they have made. The name of the three articles are, “Skateboarding
Women: Building Collective Identity in Cyberspace” , “ Skateboarding
Women and Self-formation as Ethical Subjects”, and “Skirtboarder net-a-narratives: Young women creating their own skateboarding (re)presentations”. Not only have they made this group, but they have made a website on it. It is a group that focuses on skateboarding and socializing with other women whom skateboard.
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The study had more men than women in it, it consisted of “eight men and 2 women” (Hetlzer, Hunt, Stickley & Kimura, 2011). Which this is how it relates to my thesis statement because it seems there is a pattern where women are treated less than the men in this professional sport. These participants skateboarded while being on a treadmill and showed endurance. The thing is, that even though women are being treated not as equal in this sport, the discrimination is making them aspire to work harder. These women crave to change history and they are making it

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