Skateboarding History

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Skateboarding Skateboarding became popular in 1950s with small group, First skateboards started with wooden boards with wheels in the bottom it was only for rolling. Some people were surfing and they asked them self why they don’t create something on street like some something similar like surfing and no one knows who made the first skateboard. Skateboarding was only done by a small group of people. However, since the 1950s skateboarding has achieved mainstream popularity. This essay will analyse how skateboarding moved from a small group of people, to one of the most popular activities today. Skateboard history, Skateboarding started in 1950s and people start built their own skateboards because there were no shops to sell it in that time,…show more content…
More than 20 North American cities had banned skateboarding by the summer of 1965. In some cities, the police start take boards away from the skaters. By 1966, few new skateboards were sold. Many people believed that skateboarding time of popularity was finished. Some people still believed that skateboarding could be a popular sport one of these people was Larry Stevenson. He invented the kick tail in the late 1960s. This curved surface on the back of the skaters control the board with their feet. It also made new tricks possible. (Martin, History of Skateboarding…show more content…
They called him birdman because he made the birdhouse company and his last name hawk, also he flies through the air doing tricks which he improved a lot and teach a lot of kids how to skate. (Hawk n.d.) Rodney Mullen was born in Gainesville, Florida August 17, 1966, Mullen was the best freestyle skater in the world, Mullen dominated freestyle skating throughout the 1980s, winning 36 of 37 competitions. But in the early 1990s he shifted to street style and he was the first person who dud Ollie and kick flips and heel flip (Beal 2013) Tricks of skateboarding, there’s a lot of tricks now but early years they used to turning, and speeding, now we have first trick called “Ollie” which it made by Rodney Mullen and kick flip and heel flip , tri flips…. Then in 1980s they started jumps stairs on ramps and grinds, and do something crazy which like jump highest stairs and biggest

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