Skateboarding Persuasive Essay

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Picture a teenage kid riding his skateboard in a park trying to have a good time, when suddenly he is grabbed from behind by a police officer. Many would call this fairness, but an innocent child was harassed for a crime he was unaware he was committing. His parents would also be liable and he would be charged a $300 fine, just for riding a skateboard. Many people have not experienced this sort of ordeal, but for many skateboarders it is very common. The city of Jerrytown, there are many people who want pass a law that would ban skateboarding in all public areas, this would make it much more common for people to be punished for a crime they are unaware that they are committing. People who come from other parts of the world to skate in…show more content…
Boulevard, and in all public areas unless specifically allowed. It is highly unlikely that skating would be allowed in any public areas and many people would be committing a crime simply by riding a skateboard. For many people a skateboard is their primary mode of transportation to and from work, school, and home. By making it illegal to skate, the city would be making it harder, if not impossible for some people to get to and from places. Many people believe that all skaters are a nuisance and are dangerous, and they therefore want to ban them from all public places. However, many skaters are polite and do not want to hurt people. The few that do ride recklessly and endanger others should be punished accordingly, but not everyone should be punished for few peoples crimes. Therefore the city should not pass the ban on skateboarding in general, but rather create legislation about endangering others. The proposed ban on skateboarders would negatively effect the city of Jerrytown in many ways. Firstly, it would keep many people from enjoying one of their pastimes. In addition, to this it would keep many tourists from comping to the city to ride skateboards and watch others. Finally, it would take away many people’s primary mode of transportation. All of this would greatly hinder the city’s economy and

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