Skateboaring Persuasive Essay

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Vandalizer, rebel, punk; these are words that come to the mind of an average person when thinking about skateboarders. Throughout the years skateboarding has developed a rather unfavorable reputation. People think that all skateboarders are lazy, worthless, and lawless human beings. They would be false to think. Skateboarding is a way of life to most, its not a negative sport. Skateboarding needs to be thought of as a good, and stop being associated with negative stereotypes. We skate to relieve ourselves from our daily lives; not to try and ruin someone else’s. Skateboarding is our art form; its how we can express ourselves in the expressive-less world we live in.
Skateboarding began in 1959 as a flat piece of wood, some wheels, and a steering
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Once you're past the level of your friends helping you with basic tricks and fundamentals. You start trying to improve more and more. Which in turn makes your friends feel like they need to improve just the same. Before you head to the skatepark, you tell yourself you're going to land this trick on that obstacle. Once you get the trick, you want to flip in or flip out of the trick. Making you improve at skateboarding even more. In skateboarding there is constant improvement; whether it be doing grinds, gaps, ledges, stairs, or flatground. You can set a goal to learn and perfect a new trick every week. When you're skating with friends you try even harder than when skating by yourself. You have a constant competitiveness with your friends, but in a good way. The competitiveness feels as if it's incognito; because if you do the trick before your friend does, he or she get super pumped for you and then you get super pumped from them and tell them, “ you got it next try.” Then when they do you all get pumped up and are hyped on each other for landing it. After that y'all feel like the coolest people on the planet. That's why when skateboarding, you have a constant goal everyday waiting to be

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