Stereotypes Of Skaters Essay

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The traits that skaters have in media are and have been misconceptions for a long time now, how do I know? Besides the countless clear examples of how the most negative aspects of them are huge misconceptions explained by multiple sites, but a friend of mine has explained why things are like this. Dara Kreng from Roosevelt High has been skating for about 8 years now and was interviewed on a few questions I had. His view of skaters was a little different from traits media depictions. Skaters were very persistent and full of trial and error, but did thing not always allowed like skating in none skate areas. He had known that others would describe skaters as “ The drug dealers and drug doers”. He didn't describe saints however, describing the…show more content…
A stereotype is created after a fact is observed from a majority of a group and a misconception base on no facts linger behind stereotypes. Cartoons can be a main source of stereotypes as a joke could be taken more serious than intended. Media paints a skater as a thugs and a villain that are just wasting time and starting trouble wherever that person may go. These stereotypes are untrue according to a personal friend skaters are good people but just like anyone skaters can have problems. These skaters are seen with these stereotypes because of the people that hang around the the parks that skater gather at and the music that was once promoted with skateboarding. Skating is a just like any other hobby one to relieve the pains of the day however and should be enjoyed without such problems. Skating should at lose it’s stereotypes and misconceptions as none of the problems exist or have never existed, these people can be the inventors, creators and smart thinkers of tomorrow and have the ability to become so but with the unnecessary and wrong ideas of skaters, the community could be limited and punished for something of the groups
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