Skeer's Aiibileen: Aibileen As A Hero

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Skeeter views Aibileen as a person that struggles in life with the fact that she isn’t white. To everyone Aibileen is perceived as a minority or lower class so throughout the film Aibileen treated with disrespect and taken advantage off. Luckily for her Skeeter helps her out and is practically her voice by taking out and showing Aibileen’s truth and perception of the world in which she lives in. Skeeter did this story for both her and Aibileen, she wanted a job in New York as a writer and saw how bady Aibileen needed her help. Overall Skeeter continued to ask Aibileen to help her write the book until she agreed afterwards Skeeter thought that Aibileen was a hero for sticking up and knowing what some possible outcomes would be like threats
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