Skeeter And Aibileen's Relationship

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The Help written by Kathryn Stockett is a moving novel about two women and their adventures of writing a book. Eugenia Phelan, otherwise known as Skeeter, and Aibileen’s partnership and friendship grow throughout the novel. These ladies are pushed to breaking points throughout the book, but seem to always return back to their old ways with each other. Skeeter and Aibileen have a strong, reliable relationship, stick together through the bad reactions and outcomes, and teach readers the value of friendship. Skeeter was a loyal member of the League. She attended all the meetings and social events, while partaking in such events, Skeeter dreamed of being a writer not a trophy wife. Her mother, Mrs. Charlotte, pushed her to be involved in hopes that she would find a wealthy man to marry. Skeeter began to pursue her dream of being a writer and received a job in the local newspaper, writing about cleaning advice and tips. Skeeter sought out cleaning expertise from Aibileen, Hilly Holbrooks’s maid. The two women began talking a few times a week about the cleaning questions. Skeeter was very interested in Aibileen’s experiences as being a maid her whole life. Skeeter’s interest was sparked by her childhood friend and maid Constantine that basically disappeared from her life. Aibileen and Skeeter slowly started to become friends and talk about more than just cleaning tips. Aibileen found trust in Skeeter and felt comfortable enough around her to tell her stories about life as a maid. Skeeter…show more content…
The author used this relationship to prove the value of a true friendship to the readers. Aibileen and Skeeter proved that if you put your mind to something, then it is possible. This friendship also showed that a serious friendship does not have boundaries. Aibileen and Skeeter had many obstacles, but pushed through them together. The author taught the readers the importance of trust and teamwork in a
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