Eugenia Skeeter Character Analysis

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Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan Skeeter comes from a wealthy white Southern family of cotton plantation owners. She just graduated university, where she double majored in journalism and English, and returns to her old life she left behind in Jackson four years ago. However, after having come back, Skeeter realizes that her perception of life, race, and the world greatly differs from that of her friends’ and family’s, which leads her to constant quarrels with her mother and eventually being ostracized from her own community by her friends. Skeeter is a very kind, intelligent, and brave young woman the reader just cannot resist falling in love with. Many of her characteristics she acquired from her deeply beloved nanny, Constantine, who is also a reason behind Skeeter’s strong condemnation of segregation…show more content…
She is married to Johnny Foote, Hilly’s ex, who Hilly is obviously still not over with. Celia is new in town and she desperately tries to break free from her outcast status among other white women, but gets repeatedly rejected thanks to Hilly’s influence. Celia grew up in extreme poverty and has no experience in cooking or housekeeping. Moreover, she has been tormented by series of miscarriages. Her inability to have children and lack of domestic skills lead Celia to believe that she is not a good enough wife for Johnny, and he will eventually abandon her. She secretly hires Minny to clean the house and teach her how to cook to impress Johnny. Celia has never had a maid before and, because of her kind nature, she treats Minny with great respect, which Minny is totally not used to, and the two slowly become friends. In the end of the book, Celia finally comes to realize that her husband loves her for who she is, and she does not feel the need to fit in the high-society of Jackson anymore as she found a true friend in
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