Skeeter Phelan In The Help

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After I watched The help. I realize that there are many kind of human such as Skeeter Phelan who has a lion-heart and braveness to write a book called The Help. Skeeter taught me many things. Firstly, she is kind. She did not look down on coloured people and tried to help by writing the book to disclose coloured maids life. Second, she was not selfish. She did not left Aibileen and Minnie after the book was published though she was offered a new job in Newyork. Aibileen is the one who I cannot forget because she is my favorite character. Aibileen is and coloured maid who spent most of her life to foster white child. She show me that she can be a really kind maid . She took care Mae Mobley very well. Even though, she was affronted by her employer.
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