Skeletons In My Closet Analysis

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Forward: When someone mentions skeletons in a closet, they may not necessarily be talking about a collection of bones. Instead, they may be referring to secretive skeletons from their past hidden deep in the dark closets of their mind, and they go all out to keep them concealed. If divulged they could cause pain and humiliation by embarrassing or destroying an otherwise unblemished reputation, even ruining lives forever. When we say, "I have skeletons in my closet" that’s our way of saying, "I’m not talking to you about my past escapades, it might change your opinion of me,” or simply "I’ll protect my secrets and they can never hurt me.” Without a doubt everyone has skeletons known only to them and just the same, every family has secret skeleton’s…show more content…
Standing in the driveway, Dan listened as Karen described what happened since 6:00. “Bouncer woke me up to go outside. I waited for him in the driveway. Suddenly a man ran from Katherine’s backyard. I asked what he was doing back there? He stopped, stared straight at me, as though, he planned to attack me. Instead, he jumped over the fence and ran up the driveway. When Bouncer finished, we went back to the house.” “Around 7:00 o’clock, Bouncer woke me up again, when I brought him outside, I noticed Katherine’s gate was open. My dog ran around the side of her house. I followed him and saw something lying near the trash can. Knowing she always put everything in the cans. At first, I thought it was a blanket or a rug until I went over to check it and saw Katherine’s face covered with blood, that’s when I ran to your house,” she said, covering her face with her hands and wept for her friend. Putting his arm around her, Dan comforted her promising the police would take care of whoever hurt Katherine. Looking at her watch, Karen said, “I need to ask Phyllis to take my Tuesday morning

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