The Bible Controversy

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As the best-selling and most widely distributed non-fiction book in the world , the Bible still remains as a controversy today. Highly regarded by Christians from all over the place, the Bible, a collection of God’s holy words, covers centuries of history over hundreds of subjects. The Bible is a compile of 66 books which was written over a span of 1600 years by 40 different authors whose occupations varied from fishermen to physicians. People often seek the Bible to learn the truth of God’s words.It has been translated into more languages than any other book and it was the first book published with moveable type. However, skepticism is highly inevitable for some people when it comes to the concern of its validity. The Bible is truly God’s…show more content…
Critics dismissed the gospel of Luke for years since there was no discovered evidence that referenced people as well as place existed . However, Sir William Ramsay, a famous historian and archaeologist, who first started out as a biblical skeptic and then converted to a Christian since he was so overwhelmed by the evidences that he found. Ramsay himself traveled to Asia for years to disprove Luke’s historicity but he returned with a completely different mind from what he intentioned in the beginning. Ramsay also said: “I began with a mind unfavorable to it...but more recently I found myself brought into contact with the Book of Acts as an authority for the topography, antiquities, and society of Asia Minor. It was gradually borne upon me that in various details the narrative showed marvelous truth...Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy...this author should be placed along with the very greatest historians” ("Archaeological evidence," ). Moreover, Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny and other secular historians also verified the statements of the New Testament.
Overall, the Bible is an amazing masterpiece that contains the truth and God’s words. Over the span of 1400 years, any other ancient writings may fall short, but the Bible will never fail to inspire people with His words. Not only have there been archaeological evidences about the Bible’s accuracy, but also the proofs of science and historians. The Bible is God’s messages to everyone and people should be appreciate for it is the truth of
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