Ski Show Research Paper

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I am a part of the Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team; a non-profit organization which puts on free water ski shows each Saturday. The show includes acts such as pyramid, ballet, swivel, doubles, trios, barefoot, wrap, jump and wakeboard. I have been involved with the team for four years and my whole family is a part as well. The team has participated in many tournaments, and has received 1st place for 13 consecutive years. I enjoy taking part in the team because we get taught how to ski and we also learn teamwork. Pyramid is one of my favorite acts in the show, considering it is the largest act and it requires much skill and balance to perform. The strong, sturdy guys base the pyramid on skis and the girls proceed to make their way up to as high…show more content…
Doubles is where one guy is on skis, with the rope attached to his harness so that his hands are free, lifts the girl up into incredible stunts on the water. I have competed in three doubles tournaments and placed 1st twice and 3rd once. Trios is two guys and one girl, and just like in doubles, the guys lift the girl into different tricks. Two more acts that I have attempted are barefoot and wrap. Barefoot is where you glide across the water without skis, but seeing that you need to go around 36 mph to accomplish this, it is extremely painful when you wipe out. Wrap requires much skill from both boat driver and skier, because the boat needs to be maneuvered in such a way that the skier is able to ski all the way around the boat and end up back where he or she started. Barefoot and wrap are also two acts that people have completed backwards. Jump is an extremely difficult act that I have attempted and failed multiple times. The jump ramp, which is located in the center of the lake, is 8 feet high. The boat driver must drive close enough to the ramp so that the skier is able to ski over it. Mostly guys do this act and many are able to do flips off the ramp. Wakeboarders also do flips, but they do so off the boat 's wake instead of the
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