Skills Essay: The Most Important Interpersonal Skills In Communication

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Many times you may not even think about your interpersonal skills because they come so naturally. We use interpersonal skills to communicate on a daily basis. Even if they come naturally we can always develop our skills further and hone in on our talents. In my line of work I don’t call them my interpersonal skills but rather my people skills. I use these skills to relate and connect with people. There are so many interpersonal skills that I could list but today I am going to focus on some of the main and very important interpersonal skills. One of the most important interpersonal skills is listening. Listening is so important because if we aren’t actively listening we may miss the message. When I think of listening, I think of a game I played with my friends when I was young called Telephone. Telephone was a game where the first person would whisper a phrase into the person’s ear who was sitting next to them and this would go around in a circle until it got to the final person and they would say out loud the phrase that they heard. Often times this phrase was…show more content…
Since dealing with angry people is not my favorite thing to do, I have really worked on my listening skills. Listening is more than just hearing. When I listen, I am listening to understand and comprehend what someone is saying so that I can respond appropriately. Develop your listening skills further at Assertiveness is another interpersonal skill. Assertiveness is how alert you are and how you express yourself. I feel I am an assertive person. I am opinionated, and like to clearly express my feelings but I am not going to do it at someone else’s expense. Assertiveness is a good interpersonal skill to have because it shows confidence and confidence propels people forward. Info on assertiveness and how to develop it can be found at
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