Skills Gap Research Paper

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The next generation in the united states is in jeopardy of becoming a cubicle workplace with no hands on work. With no hands on work we as a nation would rely on outside nations to do our work for us. Therefore we need people to go to a technical college and work hands on in the field of their dreams. We have many students struggling to find jobs out of college because of all the students going to college for the same major causing the students to have student loan debts and not bei needs more welders woodworkers and engineers, and less accountants and customer support phone jobs. The world already has enough people to do jobs like that we will need more people to do these jobs as lots of people in that work force are retiring and we need them jobs to be filled up so our economy doesn 't collapse. Within the next seven years over eight million people will be retiring from the work force.…show more content…
What is a skills gap you might ask, a skills gap is not having the ability to fill the in demand jobs. The ability to get a job right out of college is higher for a trade job then a office job because there is less demand at a office job because of the overflow of people applying for the job. A skills gap is where there are not enough workers for in demand jobs. The problem with the skills gap as it is is that in a few years there will be literally 8 million job openings that need to be filled and no one with the proper knowledge or training to fill the jobs needed. With the risk of not being able to get a job out of college is it really worth risking being tens of thousands of dollars in debt and not being able to get placed into a job? On average a person will be borrowing thirty thousand one hundred dollars, plus a four percent interest rate. After the interest rate is added in that makes it a total of Thirty one thousand three hundred four
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