Skillshare Case Study

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6.0 Marketing Strategies
There are different marketing strategies which can be applied for each component depending on organizational objectives or goals. Skillshare need to accomplish the precise equilibrium of the marketing mix to achieve its goals. Figure 1: The 4 Ps of Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is an arrangement of four choices which should be taken before propelling any new product or service on the market. These variables are otherwise called the 4 P's of marketing. These four variables help the firm in settling on vital choices essential for the smooth running of any product / organization. (Marketing Mix or 4 p’s of marketing - Product marketing mix, 2011)
Skillshare offering their online spaces as a platform for teachers
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In perspective of minimizing the possibility of disappointment, the founders of Skillshare contributed a considerable measure of time and resources on examination and distinguishing issues that will obstruct the accomplishment of their company. A strict spending plan of USD$5000.00 was dispensed for the business to fire up as the founders would not need a monetary blow should the business neglect to emerge.
After it’s commencing in 2011, the interest for Skillshare’s services vary from time to time. This turns out to be a test for the founders. It is their errand to guarantee that the company’s services is scaling up or possibly moving a consistent rate. Thus, endeavours to welcome more teachers to utilize Skillshare were made with expectations of pulling in more students to utilize the company's
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In the wake of achieving sustainability, the difficulties that lie ahead for Skillshare would be undertaking to remains competitive as far as services development and finding another request champion which would put them in front of their rivals.
7.3 Intellectual Property Issues
A firm’s intellectual property comprises of intangible assets, which are considered the most significant to them. These assets will furnish a business with an upper hand in the business sector. The loss of its intangible assets could be just as unreasonable as a vanished physical property of a firm. On account of Skillshare, the author will distinguish the intellectual property of organization in every division and how it advantages them.
7.3.1 Marketing Department
The essential part of the marketing department is basically to draw in more customers to connect with their services. Thus, it is vital for the organization to have a one of a kind name, advertisements, trademark, handouts, and brochures to advance their brand. Skillshare has effectively distinguished this part of the business as their intellectual property and had subsequently utilized trademark and copyright as a type of security. (Skillshare, 2015)

7.3.2 Management

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