Skin Color In The Civil War Essay

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….Today, April 9th, 1865, the Civil War came to an end. With the victory of the Union, us African Americans can be free. I’m not from the South. However, living in Philadelphia isn’t any better. I am a literal black sheep of the world, everyone lives in. To walk among whites and not being able to make friends just because of my skin color. No matter where I walk, I will always be put down. Even in hard times of war, no one is there for support. The whites show no empathy for anyone but themselves. Even when I was a boy there was discrimination because of my color. I had a secret friend. He was my best friend but whenever I would spend time with him, his parents would tell him they don’t want a “nigger” running around “this house”. We both knew…show more content…
They longed for equality, for this war to come to an end. However, his parents were not like that, they didn’t like not one person of color, no matter how respectful that person may be. All to say, discrimination has no age; it is timeless. They failed to realize that no matter what they may see, black skin, squinty eyes or even white skin, all humans are equal. Yet because of my skin color, I am not. Even when the United States went to war against itself, no one treated me any different. Our states may be united but we as people are not. We split between the North (Union) and the South (Confederate) and even with the death of over 1,100,000 Americans, we were never united. I suffered for about thirty years; longing to be equal with all men, but I never was. In the United States, no one was United. So I moved to Paris, France for relief. I flew across the world in hope of finally feeling what I knew I was worth. The discrimination I dealt with made me feel like dirt. It made me feel lesser than dirt. But I would never let society take me because I knew I was human and I knew I was worth so much more. I went to France to study art and
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