Summary Of Naaz's Psychoanalysis

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The study of human universals is in the midst of a distinguished resurrection in linguistics, anthropology, behavioral biology, cognitive science and other fields. Literature is certainly the most eligible tool to discover and evaluate very atmosphere of human mind. Fiction, fasten the most characteristic and powerful form of literary expression today, has acquired an influential portion in the Indo- English literature. As quality literature concentrates on psychological concepts rather than sociological themes, Psychoanalysis becomes both the map and the legend for the 20th century's fiction and prominent novelists of post colonial India employed this technique and succeeded in exploring inner self of their characters. Nergis Dalal’s both…show more content…
The same happen in case of Naaz’s turmoil, she suffers alone the endless days and nights in jealousy and anger. Naaz allows intolerable thoughts, feelings of the kind that coexisted within her, but when they exceeded the limit, she loses her peace of mind. The main error of her is putting too much trust into her husband Ramesh when he is before the out-of-control and dominant sibling as Yasmin and so, she couldn’t gain back her earlier command of her life. Her relationship with Yasmin and Ramesh demands too much of effort and caused her much of life’s struggle and pain. “What do we know of the thoughts of others? What can we read that is concealed behind the shallow reflecting eyes, the skin and the bones that guard the dark jungle of complex mind? What lies behind the sexual appetites and preference of men that blinds them to alleles? To loyalty, respect, gratitude and concern for their children?”(246). In infatuation towards Yasmin Ramesh forgot the all the love, care and help of Naaz without what he could not climb the rungs of his…show more content…
All gone – all destroyed, because he thought he was in love with Yasmin.’ (240)

According to Sigmund Freud psychoanalytic theory, the human mind is said to be operating on two levels of consciousness, the ‘Id’ and the ‘Ego’. The Ego represents the conscious level of behaviour while the Id is where the repressed and frustrated emotions are stored. And so,
Dalal focused on the inner desolation of her characters for a better demonstration of
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