Skin Your Skin, By Koumudi Patil's Wrap Your Skin

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Koumudi Patil explores the notion of the individuals and the influence of the global economy on them. She traces the manner in which individuals get engulfed by the growing aspects of commoditisation and consumerism, two factors which have been the core characters of global economy. This is understood through the projected notion of ‘personal care’, which were meant to cater to the needs of an individual. This perspective is an outcome of her long-standing concern with the notion of human skin and its varied connotations. In Wrap Your Skin, 2009, the skin is portrayed as the first point of contact and a terrain of identity formation. Keeping the same as the base, she tries to project as to what could be considered as a ‘global type’ or ‘universal skin’, in a contemporary globalised world having claims of equality and an unbiased character. The skin is projected as an important organ of identity formation and of an option to garner financial benefits. Keeping the Indian economy and the forces of industry specific global businesses, Patil through her work No Marks, 2009, analyses the various aspects which contributed to the notions of personal projection at a global level, in terms of a personality, especially with respect to the skin and its appeal. The importance of this organ according to her has been escalated so high that an entire industry is based on it. The influence of which has been increasing as borders are opening towards businesses from different lands. At this

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