Skinhead Film Analysis

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The film is a touching, painful and true portrayal of skinhead subculture in England in the eighties and begins with our main character, a 12-year-old isolated schoolboy called Shaun. He is woken up not by an alarm but by the radio talking about the glory of going to war. Shaun is dealing with the loss of his father in the Falklands war, and has the behavior of not giving in when criticism or verbal abuse comes his way, which we can see when he insults the Pakistani owner of a store Shaun was banned from. His stubborn behavior also causes him trouble when he is picked on at school due to his pants, but also introduces him to a group of skinheads in a tunnel led by Woody. Their group consists of Milky who is the only black skinhead in the group, Lol who is Woody 's significant other, Gadget, Smell (Shaun’s older love interest with an interesting sense of style), along with five others. The existence of a black member (who later becomes a target of abuse as certain members start to embrace the National Front) highlights the fact that being a skinhead doesn’t mean you are a racist, in fact, skinhead culture is very blurred and began in west Indian culture. The existence of racist as well as anti racist skinheads is shown well in the film. The belief about the working class being hard workers is removed since the youth are doing nothing except lazing around in a tunnel. The reason for this could be the unemployment at the time; however, the youth don’t pay attention the

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