A Comparative Analysis Of Punk And Skinhead Subculture

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1.1) Introduction Nowadays, Punk and Skinhead subculture expanding into our community today. Both punk and skinhead are underground subculture that contribute teenagers’ social problems such as random sex, drunk in public, crimes among teenagers, baby dumpling, and many more. These subculture expending in silence and it became a serious concern. In Malaysia, Punk and Skinhead subculture life style are not suitable because it promoted the opposite side of Malaysian’s morale values. It is because most of Malaysian are Malay and believer of Muslim religion. There are some history about punk and skinhead. Punk known as an aggressive style of rock music that was introduced in the 70s.Punk was introduced at America, Britain and Australia around…show more content…
Both of the subculture have a different goals and objective. Punk subculture was existing around 70s while the Skinhead subculture was introduced around late 50s to early 60s. There are many types of Punk and Skinhead subculture that exists in varieties of style and objective. For punk, there are Punk Rock, Anarchist Punk, Post-Punk, Emo, Goth and many more. For the skinhead, there are S.H.A.R.P Skinhead, Nazi Skinhead, Hammerskin, Mod-Modernist and many more. The expanding of Punk and Skinhead subculture in Malaysia lead to the teenagers social problems. It is also make the social problems that already exists become worse. Usually, the teenagers who involves in the Punk and Skinhead subculture are from the family with internal conflicts such as divorce of their parent, their parent too busy with own business, no one concern about them and many more. So that, the teenagers who have these problem will spending their time with friends without care about the bad or good effect to…show more content…
They always believe in the ideology that spread by Punk and Skinhead subculture and follow it. So that, they are the target users for this research. 1.7) Limitation of research 1. Sample size The good research need at least 200 sample size to make a perfect research. Since the sample for Punk and Skinhead group living in underground, it is hard to get enough sample size. 2. Financial As a student, we always faced financial problem to invest for this research. To conduct a research, its need large amount of money to buy all tools needed to complete the study. 3. Lack of time The time limitation also occur when conduct this research. As a student, we cannot focus for this research only. We also need to finish other assignment and focusing on the exam. So that, it is not enough time to study the past research journal to done this research. 4. Lack of available or reliable data The limit of available or reliable data can make the research become conflict. The research maybe not accurate with the real situation that happen. To conduct a research, the researcher need access to all source as many as possible to get an accurate

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