Skinner's Reinforcement Theory In The Classroom

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In the ten lessons that I have observed I have noticed that all the teachers used behavioral way of motivation which is part of skinner’s reinforcement theory. Skinner’s reinforcement theory is one of the main human motivational theories which focuses mainly on human motivation and this was published on 1957. This theory is based on knowledge and information that a student’s behavior is planned by the type of reward. The theory recognizes three basic rules of significances and consequences which includes rewards for positive behavior, punishing for negative behavior decreases the negative behavior and this theory also suggests that without any reward or punishment, the behavior will fade of a student (Wilmington, 2016). However I witnessed reinforcement in the classrooms.
Furthermore, I also noticed that different teachers used similar various instructional techniques because of the similar mindset they have in their teaching. They used discussion in the classroom which helps the students to practice their communicating and thinking in the subject. This also helps them to evaluate their arguments and position (Welty, 1989).
The terms “collaboration, group work and cooperative learning’ define the same thing. (Panitz, 2013) Recommends that collaboration is a philosophy about how to connect to others and how to acquire while working. In addition to this, collaboration is way of studying people that respects dissimilarities, shares ability and builds on the
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