Skinner's Learning Theory

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Psychologists have been studying the concept of learning for decades, and the ways animals and humans store and use the concept of learning. Learning comes with many detailed theories on how the human mind works. One of the most well known psychologists Skinner discovered operant conditioning. This theory gave us a better understanding of how a human mind works, and it also gives us a look into the human behavior. Skinner did most of his studies on pigeons and rats to get an in depth look on the main factors of learning. These studies gave Skinner an explanation on how humans learn and change behaviors. He came to a conclusion of realizing how reinforcement shapes behavior, which is called operant conditioning. When you look into positive and…show more content…
When you behave in a good way, and do good deeds you get rewarded which are a positive reinforcement. When you do bad deeds, and always get into trouble you get consequences for that and that is a negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement gives a person a positive emotional effect and it will lead to calm and better behavior and actions. I still have not done research on what happens when this specific reinforcement does not work for people. Like the question I wondered above, what happens when people do not learn from their consequences and continue to behave a certain way? We often start to think the worse and believe they need psychological help but maybe there is more to this theory. When a person has a negative emotional status they tend to do things in the negative form, and also their thinking and actions sometimes do not even make sense to them because they do not do it purposely they do it because they feel that is what is the right thing to do. When a person steals they know what the consequence is however they still commit the deed, we need to be able to understand why the person did what they did and what took them to that road. This emotional status causes issues and behavior that can lead to consequences that are not…show more content…
These days you see operant conditioning being used everywhere, you see them in homes, in schools and even in work places. Both of these forms of reinforcements increase or decrease the chances of good and bad behavior. An example was also shared about my 4 year old son, although he is catching on to what I am doing but he is understanding the importance of consequences and its making him think twice before taking any action. When you create a schedule for the reinforcement it increases the likelihood of the behavior of children and adults to always be good due to the positivity that follows

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