Nutrition Case Study Essay

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Jenna is a five year old girl who goes to a primary school. She lives on a low income with her auntie Corina. They come from the back ground Afro-Caribbean. She attends school 5 days a week from 9:15am to 3.15pm. There are 30 children in the class and 5 staff members. Jenna's mother has said that due to the rush and hurry in the mornings to get to work and school, Jenna sometimes skips breakfast. The school can minimise the negative effect of Jenna skipping breakfast by providing a free breakfast club during the mornings as there must be more children than Jenna who suffer from the same problem. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives an individual the energy to go through the day and gets the brains functioning. It provides…show more content…
If Jenna eats a dairy product then she might suffer from diarrhoea, breaking wind, stomach cramps and have a bloated stomach. This might affect Jenna's concentration levels at school and might result in her having to miss school. Overall, if she did eat a dairy product it would affect her academic studies and health. Therefore, to minimise this negative effect Jenna's mother could inform the school about Jenna's dietary requirements. The school should then inform the five staff members or dinner ladies and make sure they keep an eye on what Jenna is being served. In addition, to ensure she is still getting the nutritional requirements (calcium and vitamin D) without having to eat the dairy products, the school can substitute the diary product to the following; milk- soy, rice or nut milk (they are available in many flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), cheese- vegan gourmet cheese, Ice cream- based on soy or rice in several flavours. Nut and grain milk offer similar nutrients as dairy milk such as calcium. You can also have a lot of dark leafy greens which are rich in calcium for example, broccoli. The school should make sure to encourage Jenna with her
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