Skopos Theory Of Chinese Tourism

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After the implementation of the reform and opening up policy, and with the continuous development of our national economy, China reopened the door to the world. Joining the WTO means China has become more closely connected with the world. Tourism, as an important pillar industry, is playing a more and more important role in promoting the economic development of our country. Nowadays, the tourism industry is booming. Many foreign tourist attractions believe that Chinese tourist is an ideal potential customer, so there is a large number of tourism websites are produced for Chinese tourists. The main purpose of the tourism website is to introduce basic information of overseas hotel and tourist attractions to Chinese tourists. These attractions…show more content…
Translation is a complicated activity of human, we can not use such partial and outdated method to judge the translation, although this method plays an important role in translation development and standardization of the translation. At the time, the Skopos theory show up, through viewing translation as an action with purpose, attempts to start a new perspective on such aspects as the status of the source text and the target text, their relationship, translation concept, translator’s role, translation standards and…show more content…
Skopos is the Greek word, means “aim”, “purpose”, “intention” or “function”. In 1970s, Skopos first introduced into translation theory as a terminology to describe the purpose of the translation and the translating action by Hans J. Vermeer. In order to avoid conceptual confusion, Nord proposed a basic distinction between intention and function. “intention” is defined from the perspective of the text sender, “function” refers to the textual function, which is determined by the recipient 's expectations, needs, knowledge, and environmental conditions. The recipient has their own cultural background, expectation of translation and communication needs. Every translation points to a certain audience, and it is “defined as complex action designed to achieve a particular purpose”. Vermeer believes that the function of the original text is only a source of partial or full information for the target audience, the original text is no longer the most authority but only part of the translator consult. In the Vermeer’s skopos theory framework, reader is one of the most important factors determining the purpose of the translation. There are three rules in skopos theory, and the skopos rule ranks the top among the three with coherence rule and fidelity rule subordinate to it 1) Skopos Rule The skopos rule denotes that the most important rule in skopos theory. Hans Vermeer believes that the purpose of a text determines the translation strategies. During the whole process of translation,

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