Skyscraper Demi Lovato Analysis

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Part Two: Poetic Devices Poetic devices are used extensively in Demi Lovato’s song “Skyscraper.” In this song, Lovato uses personification to show her depressed feeling. For example “Skies are crying, I am watching” (line 1). Since skies don’t actually cry, this indicates that an inanimate object like skies is given a human characteristic like crying, however, this shows that Lovato is referring to rain as crying since rain represents an emotion of sadness, which explains her depressed mood, and that she is just watching as it manifests into this sadness. As a result, Lovato uses personification to convey her depression. In addition, simile is used to defend the character’s struggles. Lovato uses simile to show her vigor of willpower. For instance…show more content…
She uses a metaphor in her song to reveal that no matter what, she will get back up again stronger than ever. In her song, after she feels sad, she says “I will be rising from the ground” (line 12). This is saying that she is getting past her tough times in her life and is finally becoming stronger again and will enlighten people that she will never give up. Moving on, Lovato uses allusion to relate to her theme, she says “All my windows still are broken But I'm standing on my feet” (line 18 and 19). This shows how Lovato is like glass because she was dropped in her past and never recovered, and still is broken, however, she can still handle it due to her strength of believing in herself. Lastly, Lovato uses alliteration to relate to her theme as well, she says “Go on and try to tear me down” (line 37). To clarify, she is challenging her feelings to see that if they’re strong enough to destroy her from believing in herself. Lovato uses a metaphor, allusion, and alliteration to highlight that nothing can break you down when you believe in yourself. Part Four: Images The Skyscraper: The image of skyscraper represents the theme having the strength of believing in yourself. After she falls, Lovato sings, “I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper” (line 12 and 13). She rises above everyone and everything that has affected her. The Cloud: The image of the cloud reflects a symbol of leaving the past behind. Lovato says “But I am closer to the clouds up here” (line 32). The cloud forms an image of being high up, while her past is beneath
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