Skyway Bridge Case Study

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Introduction A Skyway Bridge is a bridge, road, railway or similar structure that crosses over another road or railway. It is constructed of steel and concrete. It is estimated to have a length of 4.9 km and a width of 6 m. The bridge carries two lanes of traffic in different direction. The road surface reaches a height of 15m above the surface of the Diversion Road. Problem Statement A vehicle can cross the Batangas-Bauan Road in 21 minutes but because of traffic jams, 21 minutes could reach up to 3 hours. Traffic jams have always been experienced by drivers crossing the Batangas-Bauan Road which causes people to be late at their appointments and cause accidents, due to illegal counter flowing of vehicles. Many vehicles use this road like cars, vans, PUJs and trucks. For them to reach the specified time with no trafiic jams, it would take a Skyway…show more content…
The identification of the city as an industrial growth center in the region and being the focal point of the CALABARZON program resulted to the increasing number of business establishments in the city's Central Business District (CBD) as well as numerous industries operating at the province's industrial parks. Population survey says that there are 31 Municipalities, 3 Cities, 674 Barangays and a total population of 2,377,395 in Batangas. Project Description The Skyway Bridge Project is an elevated express-way over its entire length from Batangas to Bauan. The proposed project of a skyway bridge has the following specifications which consists of: • Width of 6 meters • Estimated length of 4.9 meters • Composed of two lanes • Height of 15 meters above the surface of Diversion Road. • Redirected lanes in Buendia Street at Bauan, Batangas due to bridge installation Project Location The proposed skyway bridge project should be constructed at diversion road running to Buendia Street at Bauan, Batangas. Project

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