Slacktivism In Uganda

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One would think that a war would be difficult to overlook in any country, especially if it had been actively raging on for over twenty years. Unfortunately, this was exactly the case in Uganda, Africa before the year 2012. During this monumental year, a group of filmmakers travelled to Uganda and made the discovery of a lifetime: a secret war between the citizens of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army, a large group of unorthodox soldiers who abduct children and force them to join their army. These kids are forced to carry weapons, mutilate or kill other children, and are often forced kill their own parents. This rebel army is led by malicious warlord, Joseph Kony. (CITE KONY 2012) The filmmaker’s experiment started as a heartbreaking video called Kony 2012 that captured the violent essence of this war and eventually spread awareness throughout the United States. Their ultimate goal was to gain followers and government support to lead to the arrest of Kony and the end of the LRA. (CITE KONY 2012) However, the war continues on today. Although propaganda and media from Kony 2012 failed to affect the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, it had a profound effect on the youth of America.
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As the Kony 2012 video became popular, it took very little time for it to spread throughout nearly every social media site. However, it had very little effect in Uganda. This is because it is much easier to press a “like” button on YouTube or Facebook than to put in any real effort to solve a problem. “Slacktivism” is very prominent in today’s society, as nearly everyone has access to social networking sites and millions of people are “reblogging”, “liking”, and “sharing” something new every day. These sites are a great technological advance, however they may be manipulating today’s generation (CITE STUDENT
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