Slam Poetry Analysis

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DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA AND PRODUCTION STUDIES SOUTH AFRICAN SLAM POETRY STUDENT NAME/S: Kaylyn STUDENT SURNAME/S: Yon STUDENT NUMBER/S: 21516764 DATE: 25 May 2015 ASIGNMENT TOPIC: South African Slam Poetry LECTURER: Stephan Van Dyk SUBJECT: Text Studies (Text Analysis) SUBJECT CODE: TSTD 102 Slam Poetry is “a type of competition where people read their poems.”(Power Poetry ) it is performed all over the world and performers such as Koleka Putuma participates in this. As a drama student I’m captivated by this particular slam poet, reason being , she bases her poems on life experiences. She’s unique in the way she talks about issues that are happening in and around our country for example through songs. I will be discussing, who she is, the types of poems she’s written, her performance style of poetry and analyzing one of her poems. Koleka Putuma, aged 22, a performer and theatre practitioner in the making. Putuma was born March 22 in 1993, Port Elizabeth(Bozza 2014). She has a degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town, where she resides now. (TEDx Cape Town 2014) She hosts “writing and dialogue workshops at schools, community projects and interfaith programs in and around Cape Town”(Bozza 2014). She has performed at many poetry sessions such as “SliPnets’

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